The North American Carbon Capture & Storage Association (NACCSA) is a nonprofit organization of companies in North America that support the development of a sustainable carbon dioxide (CO2) capture use and storage (CCUS) industry in the United States and Canada.

Policymakers and companies are interested in CCUS technology because it may be used for energy recovery and holds significant promise as a tool to manage man-made emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the principle greenhouse gases (GHG).

NACCSA Chairman 2016-2017
Nigel Jenvey
Manager, BP Group Technology
Carbon Solutions Program Chair
BP Corporation North America Inc.

NACCSA Vice-Chairman 2016-2017
J. Greg Schnacke
Executive Director, Governmental Relations
Denbury Resources Inc.

NACCSA Executive Director
Michael E. Moore
Vice President Energy Commodities and Advisory Services
FearnOil Inc. a Division of Astrup-Fearnleys AS

NACCSA General Counsel
Kipp Coddington
Coddington Law Firm PLLC